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Sustainability rating

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Value Chain Outwear

Company Sustainability


Data provided from the brand with relevant data on supply chain and partial data directly from suppliers

Company Info

Brand Name Zerrobarracento
Company size Start up
Category evaluated Outwear
Category Outwear
Established in: 2020
Main Goal pursued based on SDGs

gender equality
responsible consumption

Sustainability info

Zerrobarracento is a young Italian brand established in 2020. One of the company mission is to make zero waste outerwear in Italy. 0 and 100 are its statements. It means 0% of waste as well 0% of gender, instead we promote a brand that ais to be 100% sustainable in factual terms.  This means being 100% factual, 100% clean, 100% inclusive

Value Chain

The brand has a strong traced supply chain all made in Italy, and a careful selection of sustainable materials and eco-packaging. On Zerobarracento website you can see the list of all suppliers involved in the process. 

The raw materials are innovative and most of all certified (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, GRS). It is very interesting the Zerobarracento design process. Usually, around 15% of textiles go wasted during production. By developing its zero-waste technique, the brand eliminates textile waste at the design stage. This is a unique approach to reduce the use of natural resources (

The packaging is made of compostable mailers, eco-friendly tissues and stickers. The compostable mailers are made from a combination of PBAT, a bio-based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. These are certified and incredibly low-impact resources.

Company Sustainability

Zerrobarracento allows and supports smart working among its employees. The company try to raise the awareness among your employees in terms of sustainability arranging, for instance, brand sprint into the company.


Zerrobarracento has been donating to Circle Italia for 3 years. The Circle Italia Onlus fights for women’s rights and gender equality. The Circle is a network of women using their skills and resources to support other women in needs in Italy and worldwide (

The brand also promotes Instagram live talk show with key players in order to raise thesustainable   awareness in its community.

Customer Care

The brand provide information how to take care about the clothes and make them last longer.


Raw Materials oeko-tex GOTS global recycled standard
Production iso 9001
Packaging fsc pefc
Logistics ISO9001


Last blockchain update 29 April 2021

Supply Chain Track

Raw Materials 1 Production 2 Packaging 3 Logistics 4
Made in Italy Made in Italy Made in USA Made in Italy
1 100% of the collection: - 45% in Tuscany region - 45% in Lombardia region - 10% in Piemonte region
2 100% of the collection (Lombardia region)
3 100% made in USA
4 100% of the collection (Lombardia region)

Questions & Answers

1 What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
- Durability
- Using recylced materials
2 What would you like the priorities of your target customer to be?
- Quality
3 What does your brand name mean?
0 and 100 are our statements. It means 0% of waste as well 0% of gender, instead we promote a brand that ais to be 100% sustainable in factual terms. This means being 100% factual, 100% clean, 100% inclusive. Our statement is made using lines which are clean, essential and Italian. CLEAN: We are using materials coming from certified suppliers and a production/consumption chain that is circular and not linear. ESSENTIAL: a look that has no need for needless accessories.
4 How do you communicate your traceability in your value chain?
At ZEROBARRACENTO sustainability has been at the core of the brand since the beginning through our design mission. From that, we continuously expand our attention into a traced supply chain, careful selection of sustainable materials and eco-packaging. As a small brand we hold the highest control over our suppliers. If you check on our website you can see the all players involved into our supply chain.

Next Steps in your sustainable path

Here below the goals that the brand aims to achieve in the near future:
Check Status
Raw Materials
keeping certified and sustainable rw materials.
in progress
trace our supply chain by a tech provider.
in progress
Circular economy
Having the 80% of the collection featured by circularity.
in progress

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