Rated: 4 out of 6

Sustainability rating

Company size: Start up

Category evaluated: Ready to Wear & Beachwear

Cru Le is an italian sustainable fashion brand founded in 2020. The designer attended the Maker Fair Rome 2020 for the panel: “UPCYCLING: a new business model”.

The brand is very focused on raw materials sourcing. The materials used are certified, recycled or taken from dead stock materials: recycle denim, GOTS certified denim with recycle elastane (Roica), Re.verso recycled wool, ECONYL® recycle polyamide for swimsuit, and almost all the rest of the fabric used comes from deadstock and are upcycled.

The production process for RTW is very unique. The brand aims to create versatile clothes (from the top to the total dress). In this way the brands can reduce the nr of pieces produced ("less is more" as the founder said).

The packaging used GOTS certified wires for tags, and GRS certified yarns for labels.

Company info

Category Ready to Wear & Beachwear
Established in: 2020
Website https://www.cru-le.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cru_le/

Sustainable info

Certifications GOTS oeko-tex global recycled standard oeko-tex fsc
Agenda 2030 goals pursued responsible consumption
climate action
life below water
life on land
Last blockchain update: 21 January 2021
Level of blockchain traceability: Data provided only from brand

Km Zero Value Chain Traceability

Raw materials 1 Made in Italy
Production 2
Packaging & Logistics 3

1 100% Made in Italy.
2 100% Made in Italy.
3 100% Made in Italy.

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