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Sustainability rating

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Value Chain Ready to Wear

Value Chain Beachwear

Company Sustainability


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Company Info

Brand Name Cru Le
Company size Start up
Category evaluated Ready to Wear & Beachwear
Category Ready to Wear & Beachwear
Established in: 2020
Main Goal pursued based on SDGs

responsible consumption
partnership for the goals

Sustainability info

Cru Le is an italian sustainable fashion brand founded in 2020 by Letizia Cruciani. The designer attended the Maker Fair Rome 2020 for the panel: “UPCYCLING: a new business model”.

Value Chain

The brand is very focused on raw materials sourcing by using certified, recycled or taken from dead stock materials. Cru le aims to create versatile clothes (from the top to the total dress) in order to reduce the number of pieces produced ("less is more" as the founder said).

Production has made in Italy between Veneto and Campania area.

Packaging is made by certified materials and logistics activity is covered by Ecovadis certification (silver score).

Company Sustainability

Cru Le has an internal ethical code that includes sustainable issues into that. 

The brand pays a lot of attention to enhance the awareness among its collaborators in terms of sustainability by intrnal meeting and workshops.

Furthermore the brand uses renewable energy by a green provider.


The brand is looking for an association in order to start the right partnership. 

Customer Care

The brand provides all the information to extend the product life cycle, from the maintenance guidance, through their social media to a journal to give them tips to preserve the cape of clothing.


Raw Materials oeko-tex GOTS global recycled standard
Production durc/same value in west EU sa8000
Packaging oeko-tex fsc
Logistics ISO9001 Ecovadis silver SA8000


Last blockchain update 29 April 2021

Supply Chain Track

Raw Materials 1 Production 2 Packaging 3 Logistics 4
Made in Italy Made in Italy Made in Italy Made in Italy
1 100% of the rw collection.
2 100% of the collection.
3 100% of the pk collection.
4 100% of the collection.

Questions & Answers

1 What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
- Durability
- Adopting fair work practices
- Using recylced materials
2 What would you like the priorities of your target customer to be?
- Quality/Design
- Sustainability
3 Do you provide your customers any services or kit to preserve the quality and extend the life of your products (making them usable longer or reusable)?
At the moment only via social media, but we are working on creating and offer a proper service for our customers.
4 Have you ever a donations?
Give back is part of my business plan, therefore I already have some agreement with NGO like Legambiente, Fashion Revolution and Treadom, and hopefully we will be able to start donating in summertime.
5 How many women workworkin your company? How many women are in top management positions?
4 women and 1 is in top management position.

Next Steps in your sustainable path

Here below the goals that the brand aims to achieve in the near future:
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Raw Materials
We would love to create a cradle to cradle process. Starting from the design and Product Development, choosing biodegradable or easily upcycled raw material and accessory.
in progress
We would love to create some collections realized by NGO and other social associations. Firstly, I would like to collaborate with GELSO Sartoria Sociale or SAN VITTORE, because both realities help people to find a new life and be reintegrated in the society.
in progress
Donation, charity and awareness campaign
With our beachwear collection we will support Legambiente.
in progress
Circular economy
The first step for us will be to strengthen our communication and create a proper educational channel for customers to better understand and make their clothes last (we're working on that at the moment), as well as creating a repair service, a second-hand store for our clothes and a recycling/upcycled program for things at the end of their life cycle.
in progress

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