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Sustainability rating

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Value Chain Ready to Wear

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Company Info

Brand Name Béhen
Company size Emerging brand
Category evaluated Ready to Wear
Category Ready to Wear
Established in: 2020
Main Goal pursued based on SDGs

climate action
partnership for the goals gender equality
reduced inequalities
responsible consumption

Sustainability info

BÉHEN is a project created by Joana Duarte. She started making garments with old bedspreads and with the other fabrics she could find in her grandmother’s trunk.

Value Chain

Bèhen has a very particular and interesting supply chain whole based in Portugal. The brand in terms of raw materials uses antique textiles sourced in Porto area. Limiting the fabrics source from scratch allows the brand to reduce massive CO2 emissions, water consumption, pesticides and other harmful chemicals associated.

Production is made in Lisbon area from local communities and the brand supports Aga Khan Foundation Portugal providing special project to unmployed women.  Thanks to Aga Khan the brand has a network of women from all over the world who are involved in its production.

Packaging is made of old bed covers, table cloths and doilies. Logistic is based in Lisbon.

The brand in order to extend the life of the products offers the opportunity to mend or transform the clothes.



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Supply Chain Track

Raw Materials 1 Production 2 Packaging 3 Logistics 4
Made in Portugal Made in Portugal Made in Portugal Made in Portugal
1 100% of the collection (Porto area).
2 100% of the collection (Lisbon area).
3 100% of the collection.
4 100% of the collection.

Questions & Answers

1 What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
- Adopting fair work practices
- Vintage items
2 What would you like the priorities of your target customer to be?
- Quality
- Sustainability
3 Are you partner in any foundation?
Yes, Aga Khan Foundation Portugal ( ga Khan Foundation in Portugal runs multiple sewing workshops for unemployed women to gain new skills, in this case in embroidery / sewing. Basically they help me to reach these women and to find ways to envolve them in our production so they have another source of income.
4 Have you ever done donations? Since How long?
Syrian children education. Joana met this family four years ago while doing online volunteering for an international organisation. After the programme, she decided to continue helping the family independently and remotely.
5 How many women work your company?
2 people full time. My sister takes care of the economics part. We also have the help of two friends in styling and communication but they work as freelancers. In production 16 women are involved as seamstresses and embroiderers.

Next Steps in your sustainable path

Here below the goals that the brand aims to achieve in the near future:
Check Status
Raw Materials
Finding the best materials to become 100% sustainable.
in progress
Getting certificates.
Finding the best option to become 100% sustainable.
Hiring people by requesting some support for small companies.
Donation, charity and awareness campaign
Increasing our % donation in each sale.
Social inclusion & gender equality
Encouraging more diversity in our campaigns by doing street casting.
in progress
Circular economy
Creating a system for donation of antique textiles in Portugal by finding other partners.
in progress

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