Sustainability Rating

Sustainability rating

Rated: 3 out of 6

Value Chain Ready to Wear

Company Sustainability


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Company Info

Brand Name No Trash on My Closet
Company size Emerging brand
Category evaluated Ready to Wear
Category Ready to Wear
Established in: 2020
Main Goal pursued based on SDGs

responsible consumption

Sustainability info

No Trash on My Closet is a made-to-order brand, that works with transparency along the supply chain using deadstock fabrics to produce its collections.

Value Chain

No Trash on My Closet uses fabrics that were  part of the stock-off section at Somelos, which is a member of a non-profit organization, Better Cotton Initiative. 

The production at Bárbara Pereira's atelier is in Torres Vedras as well as the logistics. The packaging is made by compostable mailers - made out of corn starch and PLA + PBAT bioplastics blend from wastebased 100%.

Company Sustainability

The brand is based at Barbara Pereira's atelier. NTOMC aims to recycle all materials used in all company activities.


No Trash on My Closet has joined Fashion Revolution Portugal since 2020.

The owner has decided to fix a rule in terms of donation. She donates 2 pieces of clothing she does not use for each piece of clothing the brand sells.

Customer Care

No Trash on My Closet offers free repair within 5 years after the purchase. The brand also provides tips to clients for washing smart and offer them a 15% voucher for giving back the clothes when they no longer need them.


Raw Materials better cotton initiative GOTS
Production durc/same value in west EU


Last blockchain update 29 April 2021

Supply Chain Track

Raw Materials 1 Production 2 Packaging 3 Logistics 4
Made in Portugal Made in Portugal Made in China Made in Portugal
1 100% of the rw collection.
2 100% of the collection.
3 100% of the pkcollection.
4 100% of the rw collection.

Questions & Answers

1 What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
- Adopting fair work practices
- Using recycled materials
2 What would you like the priorities of your target customer to be?
- Quality/Design
- Comfort
- Sustainability
3 Is your communication correctly inspired by your degree of sustainability or do you think you could improve that?
My communication on sustainability is always inspired by fair working conditions and the quality and durability of clothes. I would improve this by learning more about innovations in the field of fashion and try to integrate them on my business.
4 What is your main goal with your brand?
We are a small brand with a big road ahead of us, working on a daily basis so that we can improve step by step. Our main goal, for now, is to create a fair, balanced and sustainable production and consumption chain, with our business and our local impact.

Next Steps in your sustainable path

Here below the goals that the brand aims to achieve in the near future:
Check Status
Raw Materials
Using only certified cotton fabrics in the collection
in progress
Producing in a small confection
in progress
Donating 5% of our revenues to a local charity
in progress

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