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Evaluate your sustainability performance

Evaluate your sustainability performance



Be aware of your sustainability journey

Be aware of your sustainability journey



Use the SBP logo on your digital channels to communicate your sustainability performance

Use the SBP logo on your digital channels to communicate your sustainability performance

Sustainable Brand Platform assists fashion brands to evaluate and communicate their sustainability performance guaranteed by blockchain technology.

Sustainable Brand Platform is the brand assessment to make sustainability performance transparent to buyers and customers. The platform aims to create a sustainable online community of brands and suppliers. Brands have the opportunity to find selected partners with a high focus on sustainability.


Sustainable Brand Platform created an algorithm that evaluates and pushes the brand performance in terms of sustainability.
The brand’s rating system considers the social and environmental issues to assess the brand's impact on the planet, people and animals.
The evaluation of the brand's activity is divided into five different impact areas:

1 Value chain
The rating considers 4 main steps: raw materials, production, packaging and logistics.
All steps are evaluated by international certifications, qualitative information from brands and suppliers about products, collections and all the steps of the value chain.

2 Company sustainability
The evaluation considers what happens within the brand in terms of employee satisfaction, benefits given to the employees, awareness campaigns sponsored by the company, creation of ethical codes, gender equality and renewable energy.

3 Community
This area considers the brand’s impact on the community around it and what the brand does in terms of charity, donations, awareness campaigns and events in order to impact positively on the planet, people and animals.

4 Traceability and transparency
The brand rating is based on third party certifications and information registered in blockchain owned by Idee Brand Platform in order to guarantee traceability and transparency of sustainable assessments.
All information is uploaded on the SBP blockchain. This guarantees that the data cannot be modified. In order to evaluate transparency, all information provided by brands must be matched and checked with information provided by their suppliers.

5 Economics
Sustainability must also be pursued in terms of business. This section assesses the brand in terms of: turnover, net profit, commercial and finacial debts.


The blockchain technology communicates traceability and transparency.
Exposing the brand’s certifications and sustainable information about the company and the products to the public means reassuring the brand’s customers with a certified and non-modifiable system that guarantees its level of trust and reliability.
All information provided by brands, suppliers and partners is blocked using the smart contract created by Idee Brand Platform and developed on a private blockchain (Powered by Mangrovia).

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SDGs 2030
SDGs must inspire brands to reduce their impact by balancing social, economic and environmental sustainability.

All brands are evaluated by considering which global goals the brand is more focused on its sustainable strategy. The main sustainable goal pursued encloses a number of SDGs that defines the brand’s sustainable approach. Depending on the goals pursued, sustainable issues are evaluated with different weight. Below the 5 main areas:

People health & education
Innovation, traceability & transparency
Animal welfare
Design for circularity

SBP meter provides two different evaluation: brand company rating and iconic product rating.

The overall brand company evaluation is derived from a weighted average of the brand’s scores for each key area: supply chain, company sustainability, community, economics and traceability.

The supply chain evaluation considers only one category for each brand each time. If the brand decides to be evaluated on more categories, the supply chain score will be calculated for each category.

Rating Labels Brands are rated from 1 (the lowest level of sustainable performance) to 6 (the best level of sustainable performance).

The iconic product evaluation is mainly based on the level of traceability of all steps of the brand’s value chain. It rates social and environment impact of making and selling the good.

Brand has to communicate its strategy plan on social and environmental issues in the near future.

It must be aware of its impact on planet and society and has to define the actions to reduce that.
For this reason SBP asks to set out targets to pursue in order to measure and check the implementation of sustainable strategy of brand.
Trasparency in what brands plan to do is the best approach to improve and make efficient their action plan.



Brands can decide to join the community with different approaches. This is reflected in the creation of their SBP page which can be created in three different versions.


The brand joins SBP community and receives the company sustainability rating for its internal evaluation.
The evaluation will not be shown on its SBP public page, while on the other hand general information about the brand's sustainability activities will be shown.


The brand joins SBP community and receives both the company sustainability rating and ratings for each category. All the information and details about the brand’s sustainability performance will be shown on its SBP public page and registered in blockchain.
By choosing the full page, the brand receives a full assessment and can communicate its sustainability performance to its final consumers and buyers through the creation of the SBP page and the use of the SBP logo on its digital channel.


The brand, in addition to joining the community and receiving all SBP ratings, requests the iconic product rating.
In this way, the information disclosed by the brand is as meaningful and complete as possible, with both the company's sustainability performance and the specific performance of an individual item being evaluated.


SBP requires partners to take a standard one-size-fits-all approach to the community. Partners have a default SBP page as they are not evaluated, but pre-selected by the SBP industry team.
These partners are companies from different industries and may offer different services or products to the brands in the community. They have long viewed sustainability as one of the company's most important assets.
By partnering with them, brands have the opportunity to make their value chain stronger in terms of sustainability.


Sustainable Brand Platform logo is the brand’s assessment to communicate its sustainability performance to buyers and final customers. SBP logo confirms the membership to the community of Sustainable Brand Platform and it can be used on brands’ and partners’ digital channels linked to Sustainable Brand Platform.

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