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Sustainability rating

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Value Chain Outerwear

Company Sustainability


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Company Info

Brand Name Bragoon
Company size Start up
Category evaluated Outwear
Category Outwear
Established in: 2020
Main Goal pursued based on SDGs

good health
quality education
gender equality
clean water and sanitation
renewable energy
good jobs and economic growth
innovation and infrastructure
reduced inequalities
sustainable cities and communities
responsible consumption
climate action
life below water
life on land
peace and justice
partnership for the goals

Sustainability info

Bragoon is born from the idea of creating a rain garment that combines design, fashion and technical performance while being environmentally sustainable.

Value Chain

The Bragoon supply chain is composed by strong suppliers in different part of the world. Regarding raw materials the main fabric used is polyester and it is made from the recycling of plastic bottles (RePet). PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a 100% recyclable synthetic material. During the recovery process, PET does not lose its fundamental properties and can therefore be transformed repeatedly for the production of fabrics. Production is made in Italy for printing and waterproof finishing. While the the manufacturing is divided between Italy and Poland. Packaging is sourced in Poland and it is composed by recycled paper and compostable bag (certified by TUV Austria). The boxes are postal bag 100% compostable.

Company Sustainability
The Bragoon team is composed by the 3 women that are also the founders of the brand.


Raw Materials PET materials global recycled standard
Production traceability and fashion durc/same value in west EU
Packaging fsc
Logistics durc/same value in EU/fair wear/ fair trade


Last blockchain update 29 April 2021

Supply Chain Track

Raw Materials 1 Production 2 Packaging 3 Logistics 4
Made in China Made in Italy Made in Poland Made in Italy
1 100% of the collection.
2 100% Printing Made in Italy. 100% of waterproof finishing Made in Italy. 75% of manufacturing Made in Italy. 25% of the manufacturing Made in Poland.
3 PACKAGING 100% of the packaging is Made in Poland. LOGISTICS 100% is Made in Italy.
4 100% Logistics Made in Italy.

Questions & Answers

1 What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
- Durability
- Using recylced materials
- Adopting fair work practices
2 What would you like the priorities of your target customer to be?
- Quality
- Comfort
- Sustainability
- Brand Identity
3 Have you ever visited some of your suppliers? Do you know the employee conditions in those facilities?
We have visited 3 out of 4 pattern companies. They have all high standards for employees and facilities.
4 Do you use biodegradable or compostable in your pack? If yes, which one?
The box is made from recycled paper and the postal bag is 100% biodegradable and, depending on their thickness, compostable.
5 Why do you make a collection so specific about urban mobility? What is your idea behind this concept?
Bragoon wants to actively participate in the great revolution of sustainable urban mobility by adding colour to our cities on rainy days; hence our motto: "rain is the new sun".
Rain is good for the planet, enjoy it with Bragoon, the imaginative and colourful rain pant that is totally waterproof (heat-taped seams and 10,000 mm water column), planet-friendly and with three unique features: it is uni-sex, uni-size, uni-fit and can be quickly put on over any garment in seconds, "let it rain"!

Next Steps in your sustainable path

Here below the goals that the brand aims to achieve in the near future:
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Donation, charity and awareness campaign
We have in mind to launch a capsule with a % to devolve to charity cause.
in progress
Social inclusion & gender equality
We are working to create a capsule made in collaboration with workers from Milan prisons.
in progress

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